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Eternal Art of Building Toys in the Universe

The essential elements of structure are reduced to a few basic blocks. The scientific structure optimization bring this construction toys more educational significance.

WantedBricks Building Toys & Furniture Tutorial.

Live Blocks Playing Show: Kids Playing Building Toys Construction Blocks Design By WantedBricks

Reality Picture Show 50 + in 1 Combo Building Blocks. If you like this special construction toy design, click here to shop this featured toy blocks sets.

Building Toys Show / Constructing Play / 2013 Community Live Show Reviews /click here to shop this featured toy blocks sets.

See our blocks install tutorial below to learn how to make a sturdy stool using building blocks. click here to shop this featured toy blocks sets.

building toy blocks construction set stool installation video

Note that if you weight over 340 pounds, please do not sitting on it. So far, we only had 340 pounds live load testing.

Building Blocks Toys Story

Hi, I am Li Xian, the designer of Wantedbricks.

Why I would highly recommend this stool combo set for construction toys?

Is that because it is an all-in-one construction toys customer wanted? Not just the case. Also because of this design is by far my proudest works, as long as people enjoy it, I will be very happy.

Let me introduce the design of this stool is how come? At first, I just want to design a new structure to withstand the brutal destruction caused by the earthquake. Later, I was going to put it in the plastic products applied to the furniture.

The above works are made by the first generation blocks which is no longer produced. At that time, Loofee’s grandmother said we had better to buy a small stool specially for him to play and sit. Loofee was 4 year old at that time, I started using the blocks to make a unique stool for him , but all my thinking is just the furniture, I have no inspiration and ideas how to make a kids-love stool.

Later, Loofee’s involvement gave me inspiration, let me know what he likes. One day I took him to my office together, he ran in and out between my studio and warehouse, variety of blocks, colors had been collected and be built in littered. Always suddenly ran over to ask me for help. Obviously he showed the greatest interest and hand ability with a variety shape of colorful building blocks, but I was even more amazing is that his building works are very abstract, I really did not understand what is the relationship between the mass and his talking.

Then I according to this requirement, colorful, variety of shapes, reluctantly produced a building block stool. The purpose was so simple, a pure stool,  I had no thinking about it can be expanded into other toys design.

Later I made ​​a silly comic for it in Chinese language. Click the pictures to see how silly story it is :-)

These above pictures showing products by the first generation of Wantedbricks, these old blocks using a matte surface that looks not bright, because the details are not perfect (edge ​​scraping hand, the surface is not smooth, size is also a little deviation), and later I eliminated those building blocks.

When The new 2nd generation building blocks came out at Jun 2012. immediately I brought it to Loofee, this time he played better. This dinosaur, flying monster and Idyllic Scenery design were carried out in accordance with Loofee’s design.

Until now, Loofee have not agree me to sell his work, which I regarded as a violation of his earliest copyright.

In order to inherit the stool of the first generation product design, I decided to continue improve the design, make it become more reasonable. Although I am the inventor of this structure,  but that does not mean I am playing good with it. In order to design it into toys, I try to regard myself as a child. pretend to simulate and get the feelings. Slowly, I was completely immersed in the enjoyment of playing , Preoccupied even forgot to eat, as if these blocks control my consciousness. Fortunately, Loofee were playing together with me which  make me were not look like as zombies. The fun and happy feeling completely immersed in the toys design,  make me more confidence to recommend this #20040 stool combo set to customers.

The biggest difference between 20040 and other toys is not only the toys-furniture feature in one set, but also the persist and efforts I implant inside which makes it healthy strong and always burst out surprises. # 20040 is with a box full of big-sized blocks,  Lots business people had suggested me that the box should be bigger and the empty inside is not a problem, or suggest me to make the smaller size blocks, that would be very helpful for sales shipping and save costs, just like the other toys blocks. To be honest, I prefer to decline that duplicity, for this #20040 stool combo set,  I sincerely hope that the kids can spend less and play better. enjoy the playing just as Loofee, That’s why I keep on making design updates as much as possible within this set.

The above new update designs now are not within the package box and book.  When we reach a certain number of new designs will update our packaging, as we change from 30 + 1 to 50 + in 1,  Join in our designer group, share your ideas here, if the design idea is good, we will post it here and named with your name. Of course, there will be some of gift also.

No matter what we are playing with, as long as there is a crazy players involved, the game will become infinitely wonderful, if you are focus on the quality of playing great, then this stool combo set is your best choice, because I am that crazy player. This #20040 stool design was start from Feb 2012 till now. I will not stop playing with ideas from this stool. The pursuit of perfection will not stop. This toys-furniture stool combo set is destined to become the classic construction toys.

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